TERNG SHUENN Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 1989.

Since Terng Shuenn was established, our main business principles have been based on sincerity, high quality, market-demand and customer-satisfaction. Terng Shuenn’s persistence in research and design has enabled it to keep on providing customers with high efficiency and superior quality solutions.

* Milling Machine Parts: Precision Machine Vise, Ground Parallels, Clamping Kit.

* Grinding Machine Parts: Punch Former/Grinder, Wheel Dresser,, Tool Maker Vise, Wire EDM Clamp.

* Cutting Tools: Reamers, Lathe Tool, Inserts.

* Measuring Tools: Sine Bar / Angle Plate / V-block / Gauge Blocks / Square Ruler/ Edge Finder / Z Axial Preset Gauge/ Surface Plate / Granite Surface Plate

* Magnetic Tools: Magnetic Block/ Sine Plate/Magnetic Chuck/ Demagnetizer/ Magnetic Base

* Small Machine: Drill Sharpener/ Endmill Sharpener


We have high-quality machine and hardware:



Rich Tools® brand is owned by Terng Shuenn® . Established for almost 30 years. Rich Tools®  brand is founded by a group of excellent research and development team to precisely meet your needs.  Rich Tools®  offer convenient, efficient and easy to maintain products to save your time and Increase in your value . Rich Tools®  core values are Exact, Quality and Service.  



Established on: September, 1989
Address: 24157  No.5, Ln.17, Ziyou St., Sanchong Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan
Telphone: +886-2-2982-5772
Fax: +886-2-2987-5778